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Great Bear – Installation

Great Bear 2022 Installation- perspex pool, origami boat from wax paper, digital collage and sounds from space, 2022 ‘Each winter a large puddle forms in

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2022 – Onging. I am exploring themes of depths, time, transfomation, blurring of boundaries between life and death, hybridity as a promise and potential of

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Fourth Chapter: The Nest

‘The Nest’ series won Julia Margaret Cameron Awards #19- Storytelling category, exhibited at FotoNostrum gallery Barcelona- April 2023. * I begun working on this series

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Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve 2021-2022 Text by: Anat Lidror– Cheif Curator and manager at GH Art Center Sofie Berzon MacKie came to the kibbutz as a child

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Crown Jewels

2021-2022 Crown Jewels Working with gold leaf, I gilt local plants, seeds, shells and a dried-up antlion, I found in my near surroudings. I collect

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Islington 1988

Islington 1988 2018-2021 Text by: Noga Greenberg Sofie Berzon MacKie’s exhibition ‘Islington 1988’ opens with a yearbook photo of a group of smiling British children.

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