Fourth Chapter: The Nest

‘The Nest’ series won Julia Margaret Cameron Awards #19- Storytelling category, exhibited at FotoNostrum gallery Barcelona- April 2023.


I begun working on this series just before giving birth to my 3rd daughter, at the end of 2020. It was, and still is, an outlet to the magnitude and complexity of emotions I held within me, and which I still carry residues of. Covid-19 did not contribute to my wellbeing and I went into a long lockdown with a 6 weeks old newborn baby and a million long isolations. I was euphoric, madly in love with the shining light of the blond creature I created, and I was devastated, I was capable of all things and I was a mess, I was crying, and bleeding, and leaking milk and tears. I was bored, and lonely, and guilt ridden and full of sorrow. As I walk through motherhood I confrot the death of my mother when I was a young child, my maternal heritage, anxiety and fears, love and hope, fidning my way through the connection I have to my past, my home, the three humans I made and brought into this world.

Motherhood is the most complex and life changing experience. Underrepresented and ignored, the story of motherhood is one needed to be retold, honestly and accurately represented and discussed, as one of the most profound experiences women go through, personally and in social contexts.

This is my living room and my family, my most intimate creation.


Artist: Sofie Berzon MacKie
Date: 2020- ongoing
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