Land & Sea: The Journey of a Seashell

“On July 16th a special exhibition opens at the Man and Living museum- Ramat Gan. The exhibition is a result of the cooperation between Shenkar college for Art and Design and the Man and Living Museum.

Four decades ago Frantz Krausz, a leading graphic designer in Israel, begun sketching seashells. Fascinated by the changing spiral shapes, colors, diversity and mathematical order ruling them. The shared exhibition stretches between scientific and precise observation upon nature and creative human interpetation. The dialogue most of us hold with the oceans depth begins with seashells found in the slim boundary forming at the waters edge. ” from the press release

I will be showing an intimate solo project-‘Event Horizon’, born independently during the past year. Inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s writings in ‘The Poetics of Space’, and the first photograph of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy taken by Event Horizon telescope (released to the public May 2022), it will be another chapter in my continuing interest in hybridity, evolution, emergence of life, taxonomy and natural history, and the way it all translates into the story of humanity, life and death, memory and identity.



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