Hello and welcome. My name is Sofie, I am a British-Israeli curator and visual artist based in Israel. I immigrated to Israel from London in 1990. I work mostly with lens-based material, but enjoy embarking on all sorts of adventures in various mediums. My work is tightly connectd to my life and biography, and over the years has evolved around themes of identity, immigration, hybridity, and feminist ideas concerning motherhood.

I work as a curator and have the honour of working closely with selcted artists on long term projects, towards establishing a full body of work, producing artists books, and building solo exhibitions. I am a Photovoice moderator – a visual research methodology with the intention to foster social change. Graduate of Mandel Program for Cultural Leadership in the Negev; a highly regarded year-long scholarship program that strives to nurture outstanding leaders who will work to promote a discourse of learning and action in the field of art and culture. I am mother of three amazing children, to whom I owe all that I am. 

Works are for sale in limited editions, please feel free to contact me!


Selected Exhibitions

Solo & Duo


Prizes and Grants​

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