Under the Lamppost #9 Art Festival, Ein-Shemer 12-14.10.22

Under the Lamppost will open in Ein-Shemer between 12-14.10. I will be showing my installation ‘Great Bear’. From the Text accompanying the festival: By curator Maya Zehavi.

‘The artworks on show at the festival are connected by several main themes. The most dominant one, examines under a broad spectrum of cultural and ecologials ideas, the relationship between humans and their surroundings. Many of the works refer to concepts from post-humanist discourse, those that wish to view the world through the eyes of others- the eyes of the unhuman- and relocate humans to blend harmoniousely with their surroundings. Moreover, the post-human do not see themselves as the center of creation, alongside narrating animals and plants, they now also wish to embrace perspectives of the inanimate. To imagine and give it a voice.

Some see our current situation as the beginning of the end, other see it as an opportunity for transformation, or argue that we are only a link in the evolution towards a new era. If we wish to return to a communal and sustainable way of life or dream of migration to other planets, it seems that there is nobetter time to pause and ponder, and rethink our trajectory.



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